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- T V L tryout - : Minerva O'Riley by SpottedFedoras - T V L tryout - : Minerva O'Riley by SpottedFedoras
Full Name: Minerva Renee O'Riley
Nickname(s): Minnie

Gender: Female
Age: 22 human years
Breed: Egyptian Mau X Burmilla
Rank: Bartender
Affiliate: Casino
Money Amount: 300$

Looks: She has grey fur with speckles on her legs, shoulders, and arms. Silver forepaws, muzzle and tailtip. She has dark grey ears and short, choppy hair and a pair of pale green eyes.
Accessories: As for accessories she has snakebites, one earring, a ring on her finger from her mother, and a scarf.

Personality: [ Frank ] [ Pernickety ] [ Affable ] [ Cynical ] [ Funny ] [ Slightly Stubborn ]
[ F r a n k ]- Minnie is very honest in everything she does, and was like this ever since she was a little kitten. Lying would simply make guilt gnaw at her until she couldn't take it anymore and tell the truth. To prevent this from happening she began to be truthful whenever she was asked, thus making her a more trustworthy cat.

[ P e r n i ck e t y ] - In other words, she can be a bit fussy when one simple detail is out of place or not precise. She would fuss and fuss over it until the flaw was corrected, making her a bit of a perfectionist, as well. She is aware of her being 'pernickety', but hasn't thought of correcting the flaw, which is ironic in itself.

[ A f f a b l e ] - Minerva is a very friendly cat, and is easy to talk to. She is very liberal and open to any cat. Minnie would even be courteous and give you a drink if you asked, but that's not the point. She isn't hard to be friends with, as she can talk about anything, anytime, anywhere.

[ C y n i c a l ] - Despite her friendliness, she seems to be on edge about shady characters and whether others are trustworthy or not. Therefore she is cynical. This trait isn't as distinct, but it's still there.

[ F u n n y ] - Minerva is ALWAYS cracking jokes and puns, and she especially likes to make fun of the 'skanks' and 'bitches' that're around the club, or anywhere for that matter. She finds their attitude amusing, and she likes to mimic them which COULD get her into catfights if they saw her. However, she is very aware not every she-cat or tom is a ditzy superficial scumbag, and knows she needs to get to know others first before judging them.

[ P o l i t i c a l ] - Once she's gotten a firm opinion on an idea, it's hard to sway her in any other direction, especially in politics, where she most likely would vote Democrat. She often had arguments with her brothers, who are very conservative. She stresses out the fact that they need to 'expand their horizons' instead of going through the same routine. These times are when she gets fired up in argument.

History: Minerva Renee O'Riley was born the middle child to Miranda and Travis O'Riley on the coast of New Jersey. She has an older brother, Alec(28 years), and a younger brother, Rocky(16 years). She grew up very influenced by her father, who was very liberal, while the rest of her family was rather conservative. She was told to follow her dreams and do whatever she wished to do with her life. She grew up in a very healthy enviroment.
As a girl in elementary school, she had many friends, but this didn't lead her to becoming a snob. She was even a bit of a dork, and had good grades along with good behavior. That was, until middle school years rolled around.
As a teenager, she began to be very cynical and a jokester, but sometimes she would offend others, including the typical snobby groups. They would threaten her and bombard her with insults to the point where she switched schools. She repeatedly vented to her father, the one she trusted most, about these things, and she began to lose self-confidence. He pointed out, however, that middle school is perhaps your worst years and things would get better.
And they did, to some degree. She began making new friends in high school and became a social butterfly, and she was much happier. It was at home where the chaos was beginning. Alec began being violent, getting into fights with their father from time to time, and even earned himself a trip to the hospital with a broken arm. They weren't sure what was triggering these outbursts, but Minnie tried to do all she can to stop them, even getting into the fights and protecting her father. When she was 18, she moved out of the house and went into college, and from that point on she had a very much normal experience. Once she got enough money, she graduated from high school, and moved across the country to Las Vegas to find work. She stumbled upon the casino, and began to work as a bartender.

Father: Travis O'Riley
Mother: Miranda O'Riley (Maiden Name: Brooks)
Brother(s): Alec Russell and Rocky L. O'Riley
Sister(s): N/A

Boyfriend/Husband: N/A
Children: N/A


:bulletred: / :bulletred::bulletred: = Dislike / Hate
:bulletorange: / :bulletorange::bulletorange: = Uncertain / Uncomfortable
:bulletyellow: = Accquaintence
:bulletgreen: = Friend
:bulletblue: / :bulletblue::bulletblue: = Close Friend / Best Friend
:bulletpurple: / :bulletpurple::bulletpurple: = Crush / Lust
:bulletpink: / :bulletpink::bulletpink: = Love / Mate
:bulletwhite: / :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: = Respect / Admire

C A S I N O :

none yet!!

G A N G :

Riley Smithen: p e n d i n g

Archimedes: p e n d i n g

Bisexual - she truly doesn't mind whether they be tom or she-cat.

Fun facts:
- She was born February 22
- Meaning she is a Pisces
- She is into Alternative and Rock N' Roll
- When she was little she dreamt of being a guitarist
- Her favorite food is sushi, while her favorite drink is a margarita.
- She tends to drink with a pinkie curled up.

RP Example(s):
Redstar died.
It was a sad loss, even if he made her uncomfortable most of the time. He was the cat that stood out in the crowd, and Hollysight still saw him as a respected leader even if he was extremely condescending. Right now she sat idly in the midst of camp, her one green eye staring off into the distance in what looked like a daydream, her tailtip flicking absentmindedly. Since his death, Houndpitch insisted on taking the leader's place, an dnow they were awaiting his choice in deputy. She snapped back into reality glancing to Houndstar's den. She was always curious of that tom, he always was quiet.. She let her ears perk up slightly, raising her brow.
The tone of voice she then beared was unlike of her, she was usually enthusiastic and happy, but the new wound of loss that everyone seemed to endure was still there. She didn't make eye-contact with the leader, her tail flicking to his as a greeting gesture. "Hello,," she corrected herself, flushing slightly in embarrassment. Seems that was the current difficulty, calling her leader the wrong name..stupid, stupid, stupid. She quickly averted her eyes to continue her thousand-yard stare, half-closing her lids. "Pardon me," she softly mewed, glancing down at her paws. She could detect grief from the new leader, as well. She always felt that there was a connection of some sort between Houndstar and Redstar. Her eyes softened, suddenly swivelling an ear unintentionally in his direction and awkwardly shuffling her paws.
Listening to the salty tide go back and forth, back and forth, the soft muffled crash of the waves and sea foam sliding along the sands, made Gnarledstar, once again, at complete ease and content. How is it in Starclan, Featherstar..? You've lived a long life..Waveclan's doing just fine.. Alas, the leader hadn't entirely let go of Featherstar's passing, and even if he did, she wouldn't ever fade away from his memory, let alone anyone's, for that matter. He snapped back to reality with a little "mrrow?" and let his eyes rest at the midst of camp. He saw Birchleaves, Featherstar's sister, enter the camp with a fish in her jaws. He half-smiles before returning his longing gaze to the mystifying water.
To the waves, which went
back and forth,
back and forth.
Noticing the change in his facial expression, she slightly cocked her head, perking an ear up at the word "rogue". She noted that he didn't smell entirely of rogue--and the fact he wasn't a threat added on to her questions. She blinked unsurely, and spoke once more. "It's alright, I suppose...Wh-What are you doing here," she repeated more flatly, taking two or three good pawsteps backward, fluffing up her fur more defensively. She stared at him right in the eyes, despite her stuttery voice, to show that she was serious. She was way more comfortable with her clanmates..but Dovefeather found encountering a rogue more..awkward.
Especially right now, it was awkward, because the conversation was really light and lacked many words. Uneasily Dovefeather shifted her weight, not stopping for a second to tear away her gaze at the tom before her.


Skype: This probably the best way to rp with me, you can note me your user or leave a comment below uvu
Chat: You will probably rarely find me in the chats (but I won't mind going in there, I won't be shy!).
Notes: This is in the middle for me, I wouldn't mind a note if that's what you'd prefer.
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petalkitten Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

What a gorgeous girl •u•
I feel like she and Alaska would get along really well haha
SpottedFedoras Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Student General Artist
omg it seems like she can get along with most people
eee we should totes rp sometime uvu!!
iCaraKeet Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Feb. 22 is my birthday, too xD
SpottedFedoras Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
PFFFF really?
what a coincidence >u<
iCaraKeet Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Professional Filmographer
xD That's too funny.
Would you like to rp with my Riley Smithen and your Minerva O'Riley? ^^
SpottedFedoras Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
sounds like a plan! what do you prefer, skype, notes, chat??
iCaraKeet Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Skype please c:


vaniIIasprinkIes Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013   Writer
Wow she's a cutie <3
SpottedFedoras Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
eeEEE thank you <3
say, are you up for an rp?
vaniIIasprinkIes Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013   Writer
No problem <3
Oh my gosh yees! :D I would be c: I have Cicero, a bartender!
SpottedFedoras Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
sounds perfect! do you take notes or do you have a skype? ovo
vaniIIasprinkIes Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013   Writer
Notes! I don't have a Skype account yet x3
SpottedFedoras Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
aaah okay that's cool.
would you like for me to start or??
vaniIIasprinkIes Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013   Writer
Could you start? ^^
SpottedFedoras Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
o'course! c:
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